Camp PEP

2014 Camp PEP Dates
July 7, 2014 through August 1, 2014
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 Overview Since its inception in 1969,  Camp PEP has been providing exceptional social, cultural and recreational experiences for children and adults with developmental disabilities. For four weeks each summer a talented and dedicated staff of counselors and volunteers insures that campers enjoy a typical camp experience while working to reach their individual goals.  Besides having fun, campers advance in independence, self-reliance, and personal dignity.  A 1:2 ratio of staff to campers insures that campers receive the close attention that they need.

Camp meets Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 to 2:30 in July and August.  Campers may attend some or all of the four-week day camp. The camp fee includes supplies, meals and snacks, field trips and round trip transportation from most Philadelphia neighborhoods. Camp PEP is located at the Albert Greenfield school at 22nd and Chestnut street, center-city Philadelphia. The camp is equipped with air conditioning, a cafeteria, a playground, and a gym.  

  Camp PEP offers recreation and educational opportunities that are appropriate for each camper. Activities are designed to present campers with a variety of experiences which are fun, relaxing, and motivating, and which will help them gain a greater appreciation of themselves.


Curriculum Campers are assigned to small groups based on their functional ability, age and individual needs so each camper can benefit from greater individual attention.  Special education teachers provide a daily curriculum that includes art, music, crafts, sports, swimming and dance and field trips.  As they participate, campers develop peer relationships and enhanced skills and behaviors.


  An important  goal of Camp PEP is to help campers maintain what they have learned during the school year and prepare them for the coming term. Each activity serves as an opportunity for campers to reinforce and expand life skills.

Camp PEP Staff  Camp PEP benefits from a highly qualified staff that is devoted to the camp program and the campers they work with each summer.

  • All Senior Counselors  and the Director of Camp PEP work as Special Education Teachers as their full-time occupation. 
  • Half of the Senior Counselors and Specialist Instructors decided to enter Special Education after working at Camp PEP as teenagers.
  • The average number of years worked at Camp PEP for returning staff is 8 years. 

Some Camp PEP staff speak up


Claude Robinson, Physical Education Instructor, working at PEP for 14 summers: “Working at Camp PEP since I was 16 years old, I have had the chance to watch the campers grow up.  They have taught me so much.  I learned patience and responsibility.  I have really grown up with them”


Candace Cahoe, Jr. Counselor, working at PEP for 6 summers:

“Before working at Camp PEP, I had a lot of preconceived notions about this population.  I was even a little afraid to work with them.  Working here has taught me a lot and made me more open.  Now, I love the campers so much!”


Allana Adams-Lewis, Arts Instructor, working at PEP for 10 summers:

“I’m a single mom of a nine year old.  Working here helped me to teach my daughter about relating to people with differences.  Because of working here, my daughter is more open and accepting of people.  That is so important in today’s world to be able to teach your children these traits.  Camp PEP helped me do that for my daughter, just as it did for me when I started.”


Mike Rucci, Assistant Director, working at Camp PEP for 16 summers:

“It’s therapeutic to work at Camp PEP with this population.  They are so enthusiastic about learning, discovering the world.  It is a pleasure to teach and help them.”


Monica Jennings, Jr. Counselor, first summer at Camp PEP:

“After working here for a week, I know that I want to pursue Special Education as my career.”


Charles Gathers, Sr. Counselor, working at Camp PEP for 5 summers:

“It’s a relief.  Normally, I work with students who have behavioral problems.  That population has all the advantages but no desire to learn and no respect for education.  This population could not be more different.  They are so eager to learn.  Working with this population gives me the opportunity to reach out a helping hand to a population that really warrants it.  It is a great chance for me to help them to have a happier day.”


Terri Manning, Crafts Instructor, working at Camp PEP for 9 summers:

“Before working at Camp PEP, I had never worked with this population before. My experience that first summer, and every subsequent year, has filled me with many happy memories.  After working at Camp PEP, I have a desire to continue working with people with developmental disabilities


For more information and an application, please contact:

Robert Scott, Program Services Director

1200 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146